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William Montes-Pack

Home:   (415) 337-1192



Member of the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC)


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IT Business Consultant

My Professional Philosophy

IT management consultants are responsible for a portion of project or organizational management, process and systems analysis and implementation of project and group deliverables.  Senior-level consultants are responsible for the overall project or organizational management including strategy, planning, deliverables and schedule (Business Consulting, Hot Spots, ComputerWorld magazine, page 80, November 15, 1999).

Because of the extremely competitive environment in business, management has evolved to focus on customer retention.  Customer requirements and satisfaction with products and services provided by IT companies drive the pursuit of quality through continuous improvement of processes

In my IT management consulting, I follow the Edward W Deming's management philosophy in the pursuit of quality services and products through customer feedback, teamwork, organizational partnerships and continuous improvement. The Deming Method Highlights:

aQuality leads to lower costs
aQuality is made in the boardroom
aMost defects are the result of inefficient systems and processes
aImprove constantly and forever the processes to improve quality and productivity and thus reducing costs
aEliminate quotas
aInstitute leadership rather than supervision
aInvolve everyone in the pursuit of quality through continuous process improvement

I've Added:

aImprove communication processes between individuals, departments, vendors and clients
aImplement task ownership

These highlights are the core principles in my process improvement strategy.


Process Improvement Plan

Strategy for a Quality Organization

This is an exciting era for managers in all industries and most companies but in particular the technology industry and IT departments of any business. Rather than measuring the productivity of individuals, we are measuring the quality of our services and products through:

aFinancial metrics
aCustomer feedback
aEmployee and subcontractor job satisfaction

After researching industry standards in business processes, we can benchmark our efforts and begin applying industry best practices to offer quality services and products and very competitive prices. We can implement these best practices using effective project management principles and the Deming Method.

As an IT management consultant, I am responsible for systems and process analysis, process improvement and solutions implementation. This is my process improvement plan:

1. Map current processes
2. Discover improvement opportunities through analysis of leadership goals, financial metrics, customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction
3. Researching industry standards and best practices
4. Developing the improvement plan(s) and re-map the business processes
5. Implement the plan

6. Measure its success


The first cycle is complete and we return to step one.



Business Consulting Today

Trends in IT Management Consulting

Like technical support, network administration and application support, management tasks are also being affected by the shortage of IT professionals.  Tasks such as technical environment planning, strategy and management traditionally delegated to a company’s full time director or senior manager is now being outsourced.  The ComputerWorld article Staffing Woes Spur ASP Use predicts that outsourced IT planning responsibilities will jump from 15% in 1998 to 30% in 2003 (ComputerWorld magazine, News, Staffing Woes Spur ASP use, p.20, February 28, 2000).  This underscores the need for mid-level and senior IT management consultants to develop strategy, planning of technical projects and support and manage outsourced personnel.

Be sure to review the resources page and resume and feel free to send me a note with questions, ideas or opportunities.






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